Help us take back the House!


Blue Wave Napa Valley is a group of concerned citizens, community volunteers, and student activists with a goal of taking back Congress in the upcoming elections by raising $60,000 to support Democratic Congressional candidates in three “flippable” California districts. We have selected three exceptional candidates that have a true opportunity to win against their Republican opponents.

The Los Angeles Times called my race ‘one of the most fiercely competitive congressional races in the country’. I am running without any corporate or special interest money and I could not do this without the support of passionate groups like Blue Wave Napa Valley.  Thank you Napa County for helping me flip the 25th.”

- Katie Hill, CA District 25

“Much to incumbent Dana Rohrbacher’s surprise, the New York Times shows our race as a toss up. Now corporate super PACs are spending millions of dollars on attack ads against me but with the support of concerned citizens like the good folks of Napa Valley I’m confident we can flip the 48th and take back the House.”

- Harley Rouda, CA District 48

“I want to thank the wonderful people of the Napa Valley who are stepping up to help flip the 49th and return common sense governance to the United States Congress. The level of activism and involvement in not only my campaign but in other critical swing districts renews my faith in American values and our common resolve.”

- Mike Levin, CA District 49

barack obama.jpg

Barack Obama endorses our candidates!

Former President Barack Obama made several endorsements in California swing districts, including backing Katie Hill in the 25th District, Harley Rouda in the 48th District and Mike Levin in the 49th.

“We have a chance to restore some sanity in our politics,” Obama said. “If these candidates win I’m absolutely confident Washington will start working better.”

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