Founder's Message


Our country is at a critical crossroads. Under the current administration, we are at serious risk of sacrificing our national values and losing the inalienable rights we hold dear. The outcome of the upcoming mid-term election could determine the direction, not only of this country, but also of the world for decades to come.

What started as an idea created out of frustration and fear has evolved into a dynamic, positive campaign. Inspired by my activist sister, I conceived of Blue Wave Napa Valley to encourage my friends and neighbors to come together and raise money to take back Congress in November.

An amazing and diverse group of individuals have now joined me; people who, like me, know in their hearts we must do something. Blue Wave Napa Valley gives us all the ability to make a difference.

Our hope is to return to a government guided by just laws and principled leaders who will protect our institutions and exemplify the values and ideals so essential to our democracy. 

Please join us in making that a reality. Together we can turn the tide.

- Julie Jenanyan