100% of the donations raised by Blue Wave Napa Valley will go directly to Democratic candidates Katie Hill (25th), Harley Rouda (48th) and Mike Levin (49th).

Blue Wave Napa Valley is not a political entity or, for that matter, any entity at all.  We do not hold any funds nor do we benefit monetarily from this campaign.

Our purpose is solely to motivate our friends and neighbors to join Blue Wave Napa Valley for the mid-term elections. The selected candidates will use our funds to campaign in their own districts.

We have secured the services of Crowdpac, an innovative platform set up to facilitate crowdfunding for political campaigns, to record and distribute of all donated funds.

Our Pledge

Blue Wave Napa Valley will not continue to ask you for money once you have donated, however, we will continue to send updates on the Blue Wave Napa Valley campaign unless you specify otherwise.

Your personal information will be used only for this campaign and will not be shared with any other organization or used for any other activities.

All of the funds raised by this campaign, will go directly to the three candidates we are supporting.