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There is a rebirth of social activism on high school and college campuses nationwide. Students are watching as their campuses become war zones, their planet becomes irreversibly damaged, and the government they learned about in school erodes before their eyes. They grew up in the Obama era and will not settle for an administration that does not reflect their values or live up to their expectations.

Local Napa Valley high school students have heard the call and are joining students from around the country to develop one voice about the role they will play in shaping their future. Here is how one of them, a junior at St. Helena High Schooland a Student Activist in the 5th District, explains what drives her to affect change for her local community and for the greater good of our country:

Larkin Dewyer.jpg
Students have the power to make change and my generation will be the one to change this country. We are motivated by fear from seeing our peers shot down in classrooms and by passion to make our country a better place. Through social media, we have the means to connect, to protest, and to rally together make our voices heard.
— Larkin Dewyer